Professional Photographer

An elegant event is never complete without those frequent camera flashes.

Perhaps you’ve noticed it already in red carpet premieres, celebrity events, galas and huge corporate parties. Camera flashes are almost non-stop. These camera flashes, the professional presence of photographers and along with the elegant props and banners make the event a luxurious and unforgettable one.

That’s what we do here at LA Productions. We understand the importance of hosting a private function or a corporate event. The outcome of your event reflects on who you are as a person. If you consider yourself sophisticated, make your party one.

We specialise in casino-themed parties. We make sure each detail is elegant, from the red carpet up to the illuminated bar and appropriate tables and chairs. The goal is to signal to your guests that your event is like no other.

And that event is never complete without someone or a team to capture the moments as you and your guests walk the red carpet. A professional photographer should be alert to those special moments that define a party.

Our photographers blend in with the environment so your guests can better enjoy the event. They silently work in the background while capturing candid and posed shots. Whether it’s a private party, work function or a fundraising event, they conduct themselves professionally so everything looks and feels professional and sophisticated.

A single detail can make or break the entire party. And yes, we humans are predisposed to focusing on the negative or on what’s missing. That’s why we work hard to get everything right from the start. From the moment your guests walk the red carpet up to the time they get their drinks or play poker, we ensure a smooth and elegant experience all throughout.

To accomplish that, we study the site beforehand. This way, our team will know their way around and plan ahead for the successful execution of the photo shoots and the entire party. During this time we’ll also study and listen to your unique requirements and vision.

Phone us today at 02 8387 5839 and we’ll schedule a free site inspection. Let’s discuss your ideas and vision of how an event should be.